Improve Patient Satisfaction With Hospital Valet Parking in Metro Detroit 

Hospital Valet Parking Metro Detroit - Elite Valet Solutions - hospitalOur services can help you increase parking capacity and enable other departments to function more efficiently.

Elite Parking Solutions understands that healthcare properties are seeking innovative and progressive solutions to its current parking challenges. Over the years, our team has learned how to service more healthcare institutions with our valet services. Our hospital valet attendants are reliable, trustworthy, and courteous to all our customers and their clients. Since the start of our company over 30 years ago, it’s been our mission to surpass industry standards with our methods and customer service. 

Advantages of Hospital Valet Services

There’s a reason hospital valet services are becoming a standard service at hospitals. At Elite Parking Solutions, we can help you make a lasting impression while helping your guests.

  • First Impressions: Hiring a hospital valet can alleviate the stress that comes with parking, making for a good first impression for your patients. With Elite Parking Solutions your patients will be greeted with a friendly smile from one of our helpful valet attendants. 
  • Patient Necessity: With many hospitals, parking can become a confusing nightmare. From multilevel parking structures to long-distance parking, this can become a hassle for elderly and disabled patients. Our valet services can provide a safe and convenient way for patients to get to important appointments on time without having to walk a long distance. 
  • Hospital Benefits: Hospitals that offer valet services stand out as they are considered patient-centered. This can greatly benefit the hospital because partnering with a valet company can increase patient loyalty, on-time arrival rates, and efficiency of your staff. 

At Elite Parking Solutions, the patient experience begins with us. Our hospital valet attendants will welcome your guests with a warm greeting, provide directions as needed, and help your patients retrieve any personal items such as wheelchairs, crutches or overnight bags. The attendants at Elite Parking Solutions will respond to a patient’s parking situation and needs that will provide a positive patient experience. Our team will always be courteous and helpful to all hospital patients and visitors.

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At Elite Parking Solutions, we can simplify the hospital parking process for your patients and visitors. For more information, give us a call at (248) 821-7424 today.